Wyoming Needs Strong Conservation Leadership 


Watch some of Wyoming's greatest champions for balanced conservation efforts - like former governors Mike Sullivan and Dave Freudenthal - talk about their legacies and their hopes for the future of Wyoming.


The Interviews


Current Wyoming Governor Matt Mead

Matt Mead is the current governor of Wyoming and has served since 2011. Matt grew up in a ranching family in Jackson and his grandfather Cliff Hansen was also a Wyoming governor (and a U.S. Senator from Wyoming). During his time in office Matt has taken a balanced approach to the conservation of Wyoming's public lands and wildlife, finding ways to promote both the tourism and energy industries. In this video he speaks about his conservation legacy and the value of our wildlife and public lands as an economic resource.


Former Governor Mike Sullivan

Mike Sullivan served as the governor of Wyoming from 1987 until 1995. He was a popular governor and he remains a beloved figure in Wyoming politics. During his time in office he managed to find an important balance between the economic needs of industry and development and the conservation of Wyoming's open and wild spaces. In this video he speaks about his own conservation legacy and today's challenges. 

Former Governor Dave Freudenthal

Dave Freudenthal served as the governor of Wyoming from 2003 to 2011. Born and raised in Thermopolis, Wyoming, he was appointed U.S. Attorney for the District of Wyoming in 1994. As governor he worked with politicians and interest groups from both sides of the isle, particularly on crucial issues like the potential listing of the sage-grouse as an endangered species, which had the potential to cause enormous economic damage to Wyoming. In this video he talks about that issue and gives simple advice for the next governor. 


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